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In Good Company

In Good Company: Jewelry Designer Julie Vos

We are kicking off each month with a special segment featuring women in business that inspire us! Our 'In Good Company' series will share our interviews with fellow entrepreneurial women who are paving the way in the industries they are passionate about.

How did you end up in the jewelry industry, and what did the journey of launching your own collection look like?

Creativity can take many directions. You can create in splendid isolation or you can use your creativity to connect with people. I prefer to use it to connect with people and what I love about creating jewelry is that it takes a village. It requires sourcing and connecting with suppliers for metals, gemstones and pearls and partnering with the craftspeople who execute your designs to your standard and vision.

Launching my collection didn’t occur at a single point in time. It was an evolution of discovering and refining my taste, without any plan, and it came together over a period of time.  I am a self-taught jewelry designer whose goal is to make the jewelry both our customers and I would love.

We love your pieces because (much like Omika) they function as statement wardrobe staples. How has the brand evolved aesthetically since the early days?

The brand aesthetic evolved tremendously.  At first I explored tribal jewelry because it felt different and interesting to me. I worked in beads and rope and silver. But my taste evolved into the look I truly love, which is gold with a beautiful patina and semi-precious stone colors and pearls. My designs are classic in foundation, derived from a deep knowledge of the history of jewelry. My creativity is sparked by admiration for the amazing work of the talent that went before me.

Do you have a favorite piece that stands out?

I would say it’s the Flora Statement Hinge Bangle, a piece I made with paper and scissors, a humble beginning for a statement bangle that is so sculptural and strong in conception and execution.

Anything exciting in the works for JV that you can share with us?

2024 is chock full of surprises and beauty. Exciting materials, animal, celestial and sea themes, and lots of color. Coming in 2024 are major new collections, inventive capsule collections and special releases!


Maxi: Carla in Dari Inkberry // Blouse: Irma in Maira Dune  // Pajamas: PJ Set in Maira Ice // Caftan: Pia in Remy Sage